Be visible

First, we put some effort into being visible, visible in the sense that people can find you on the web, and see your logo. The most visible places on our site are:

The About section on each of our products (What we do, what we’re about)

The navigation menus on each of our products

The Help section on each of our products

The right sidebar (on each of our products)

Underneath all of those, in the sidebar of each product, is a button labeled “Download free trial.” This button invites customers to download the product to use for 30 days.

For each of our products, you can download a free trial version by clicking on the button and entering your email address. The problem is that there is no mechanism for ensuring that our customers are actually downloading the trial. This means our customers’ email addresses are floating out there, on the web, with no way of getting back in touch with them.

To solve this, we did what any other company would do. We did some marketA great software is never wasted.

This is a rule we follow.