Focus is all about people

Focus is all about people

We help brands and businesses grow by creating unforgettable experiences that connect with people in impactful ways. We deliver this by leveraging digital innovation, cultural insights and data, to gain a deep understanding of what people want – at every part of the journey.

Content first

Expert support in the development of Content strategy

To succeed in Content marketing, it is essential that our strategy is based on a methodical process that can be repeated. Content marketing has become the strongest weapon for engagement and reach.

The content strategy I create defines the process of creating, delivering and editing content that appears on your website or on social networks.

Development of digital marketing

A digital plan that will support digital transformation

Since 2012, I have been conducting a private survey to determine the extent to which digital marketing strategies are being developed and used. The results show that there has been a lot of progress in the past two years. Five years ago, I discovered that about two-thirds or three-quarters of projects don’t have a digital marketing plan.

Now those numbers are around 44%, although this is a lot too, today more projects have a digital marketing plan behind them.

A strategy that will support your business goals is a single PDF document. It contains a magic formula that will raise your marketing from the ashes!

Training and coaching

If you want to succeed, you will need speed, you will have to adapt, your presence in the right place at the right time will be crucial, you will need to change your habits and in the end: a cool head and a calm hand will lead you to success. Here are some skills you will improve after the training you go through with me:

  • Oral and written expression – you will be able to pronounce and write precise, short and effective sentences both in business communication and during creative work on campaigns;
  • Project planning – you will learn how to estimate the scope of the project, calculate costs, form a team – if you have a business idea, project management is the key thing;
  • Strategic thinking – strategic thinking often reduces the time spent at the computer without ideas and vision – if you think you are working too hard and have poor results, strategic thinking will help you solve the problem in a few steps;
  • Digital Marketing – You will be introduced to the main concepts of digital marketing and the processes you need to repeat in order for your digital marketing to give results. No tricks, no cheap thrills!