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Design that feels like hug

The "Design that Feels Like a Hug" project is a testament to Partoff's ability to create impactful and memorable branding experiences. We were tasked with designing the identity and logo for Abbraccio, a hot chocolate brand that prides itself on providing a warm and comforting experience. Our team set out to create a design that would evoke the same feelings of comfort and warmth that one gets from a warm hug.


Through careful consideration of color, typography, and visual elements, we created a design that truly embodies the Abbraccio brand. The logo features a warm color palette and a unique typographic treatment that exudes comfort and relaxation. Our design choices create a sense of familiarity and evoke a sense of nostalgia, making Abbraccio hot chocolate an instant favorite for anyone who tries it.

In conclusion, the “Design that Feels Like a Hug” project showcases Partoff’s expertise in creating impactful and memorable branding experiences. Our team created a design that perfectly embodies the Abbraccio brand, evoking feelings of comfort and warmth with every cup of hot chocolate. We are proud of our work on this project, and we believe that it’s a perfect example of our ability to create designs that truly resonate with audiences.

Art direction and design:
Zeljka Basic

Branding, Identity



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