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A wild and surreal trip

"A wild and surreal trip" is a visually stunning project that showcases Partoff's expertise in VFX and video editing. We take the audience on a wild and surreal trip through life's ups and downs, using roads as a metaphor for the journey we all take. The project was done for the track "Roads" by IreFM band, and it's an extraordinary example of our team's skill and creativity.


With “A wild and surreal trip” project, we challenge traditional storytelling by taking the audience on a surreal journey, where roads become a symbol for life’s journey, and the obstacles that come with it. Our team of talented editors and VFX artists bring this metaphor to life, using stunning visuals and dynamic editing techniques that create a sense of timelessness.

From the opening shot to the final frame, we take you on a journey that’s both thrilling and thought-provoking. We showcase the urban roads that life offers. Our visuals are a masterclass in storytelling, as we weave together various elements to create an otherworldly experience that’s both personal and universal.

As we journey through life’s twists and turns, we also encounter various obstacles that threaten to derail us. But we show that with perseverance and a little bit of courage, we can overcome anything that life throws our way. The road may be bumpy, but the journey is worth it.

VFX and video editing:
Anja Plovanic




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